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Tannery Maintenance

Product: SIMKLEEN 6020

Acid cleaner typically used for removal of calcium carbonate (white brittle) build up on tannery machinery.
Application: Apply 5-10% solution to area. Allow time and then wash off.

Product: SIMKLEEN 6005

A highly effective off-line sammying felt cleaner and sanitizer. Offers highly effective cleaning and degreasing of the sammying felt as well as sanitizing benefits to an area which can supply high contamination to wet blue and wet hides.
Application: Product applied off-line to sammying felt in concentrate form left for a minimum of 1 hour then washed off with large amounts of water. Applied once to twice daily. More effective the longer the contact time. Not compatible with
poly-ethylene plastics.

Product: SIMKLEEN D99

New generation sammying felt cleaner.
Application: Product applied in 1:10 dilution to felt for optional cleaning.