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About Us


Simitri currently supplies niche products to target accounts in the leather industry.  We strive to diversify our offer to these target accounts to grow towards chemical processes, technology and expertise that could add value to our customers' progress.


Simitri Specialty Chemicals (Pty) Ltd ("Simitri") is established as a dedicated supplier of specialty chemicals for the leather industry.  Simitri has served the leather industry since 1980.  Formerly and operating division, Simitri is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AECI and a member of the Chemical Services Group, the largest specialty chemical supplier in Southern Africa.

Since its inception, Simitri has grown rapidly, leading to the establishment of a strong market share in the Southern African Leather Industry's beam-house.  Our company has simultaneously developed strong sales and support bases in Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Simitri's business is built on three fundamental operating tenants:


We strive to develop, manufacture, sell, service and market state-of-the-are, innovative, specialty chemicals.  Drawing on our extensive experience in supplying chemicals to the leather industry, we offer a result orientated, solutions-based approach to the use of our specialty chemicals in the leather industry.


We combine the best technology with our marketing strength to provide our customers with evidence-based troubleshooting advice, while developing new products that offer solutions to specific problems or scenarios.


With a strong professional ethic, we aim to form partnerships with our customers while continuously satisfying, if not exceeding, their needs and expectations.


Exceptional Customer Service ...
Our dedicated, well-qualified sales team strives to offer our customers a total service solution by combining our vast knowledge base with high quality equipment, products and training.  On-going monitoring of new technology and techniques regularly yields advancements that we gladly share with our customers, as a means to add measurable value to their businesses.

... reinforced by technical service and support
Cutting-edge technical services form a crucial element of product mix at Simitri.  Each of our specialty products for the leather tanning process is supported by specialized technical services that provide insight into the process.  This not only helps the tanner distinguish the benefits of Simitri's Products, thus building confidence in our technology, but also provides opportunities to optimize our offerings in line with evolving processes.  Indeed, routine technical support is offered both on- and offsite as a means to identify and troubleshoot any potential problems promptly and efficiently.

Our efforts are supported by the Simitri tanning technology laboratory, which regularly conducts pilot trials and investigations into all aspects of the beam-house process.   Here, a holistic approach is adopted, as demonstrated by our three pillar system of Housekeeping, Contamination and Fungicide; not to mention Simitri's revolutionary methods for evaluating biocide systems by determining the Putrefactive Potential® of harmful bacteria to the hide/skin.

A full range of laboratory tests is also offered - including High-Tech Tropical Chambers, Automated Fat Oils and Grease Testers, Fogging Testing, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy), FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy), Wet Chemistry and many others - to assist our customer and add value to their processes.


Simitri will supply value - added processes and products to Wet Blue tanneries as well as to multi-national tannery groups through chemical products, technology and expertise.


Our ambition is to be the solution provider of choice among our clients and suppliers, and we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions and flexible service offerings.  A performance-drive and results-orientated business Simitri is nevertheless committed to delivering products that are in harmony with the environment and to providing environmental compliance support to all our customers

Our Business Model

As our name infers, symmetry is at the core of our business.  Just as symmetry occurs when one element balances another in the ideal win-win scenario, so Simitri is built on a fine balance between service, cost, technology and customer relationships, depicted in a symmetrical pyramid.